Freewell Dome Port

Brand: Freewell
Product: Dome Port
Category: GoPro
Item Price (PHP) Order Code Description
  • 7inch Dome port  
  • One touch mode button access
  • Front LCD window
  • O ring construction without screw
  • Positively buoyant
  • Storage bag
  •  Made to be used with GoPro Hero 4/Hero 3+ standard waterproof housing


The Freewell 7” Dome port is purpose made for users to achieve unique half water/half sky shots. Made with high quality material (Aluminum, Stainless steel & Acrylic), the Freewell 7” Dome is built to last!

It has a one touch access to mode button and a front LCD view window. The Freewell 7” Dome is made to be used with GoPro Hero3+, Hero4 & blackout housing.


  • Do not put your dome in rough surface such as dust , dirty , sand  to avoid any scratches.
  • Never remove your waterproof housing from dome when it is wet else it will cause the moisture.
  • Whenever installing camera to your dome use a soft lint free clothe down to your dome to avoid any damage which comes including in your package.
  • After coming out of ocean salt water always wash your dome surface with fresh water well to avoid any rust to your product & dry properly before removing the waterproof housing , Before storing in bag make sure there is no dust , sand , dirt on the dome or o-ring.
  • While removing waterproof housing from the dome be soft & do not apply heavy pressure which might break the o-ring , Never use the dome if o-ring is damaged it must be replaced with new o-ring.
  •  Use your dome port with trigger to take the shots as right time. 

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