WetGill Hyperdry Superthin Microfiber Suede Towel

Brand: WetGill
Product: Hyperdry Superthin Microfiber Suede Towel
Category: Apparel
Item Price (PHP) Order Code Description
Hyperdry Superthin Towel Blue 399.00 hd-bl
Hyperdry Superthin Towel Dark Pink 399.00 hd-dp
  • Made of ultralight high quality microfiber with quick-drying, super water absorption
  • 130cm x 80cm Size is large but super lightweight compact when folded! 
  • Absorb 4 times faster than cotton. High absorbency level of 1.8 liters and dries fast due to latest split microfiber technology
  • Soft enough to protect skin or any surface from scratch or damage. High thread count.
  • Ideal for travel and sports
Large-sized but extremely lightweight
Convenient to carry anywhere anytime
Ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities
Surrounded stitches for durability