Freewell Carbon Fiber Pistol Trigger Grip

Brand: Freewell
Product: Carbon Fiber Pistol Trigger Grip
Category: GoPro
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FREEWELL Carbon Fiber Pistol Trigger Grip


The Freewell Carbon Fiber Pistol Trigger Grip for GoPro Hero 3 / 3+ / 4 gives you the ability to operate the shutter button of your GoPro with one hand, directly from the pistol trigger. Perfect for one-handed operation allowing to start and stop video or take photos at the pull of a trigger.


  • Carbon fiber handgrip
  • A must-have for every watersports lover
  • Floats on water when carbon fiber handle used without trigger
  • Great control when filming
  • One-handed operation
  • Compatible with our FREEWELL Dome attachment


  • Carbon fiber handgrip
  • Aluminum Trigger Assembly
  • Aluminum Wrench
  • Aluminum Thumbscrew
  • Aluminum Tripod Mount
  • Woven Nylon Lanyard

*DOME will be sold separately