WetGill Outdoor Sports Shop caters to all your adventure needs! We provide accessories to make your outdoor experience pleasureable. We have the widest selection of action camera related accessories and mounts in the Philippines. WetGill features an incredible collection of camera mounts, cases, monopods, suction cups, dive housing, chargers, batteries, mobile holders and everything else you would expect from a person who owns an action cam and a mobile phone from budget cost-effective to premium top-shelf items! We make sure our products are of good quality and are priced reasonably so you could get your money's worth.


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Premium Top-Shelf Lineup

Freewell 360 Spin S1 Carbon
Fiber Monopod
Freewell Pro M3 Ultimate Action
Freewell Battery Kit for GoPro
Freewell Filter Pack 4 Pcs for
DJI Phantom 4 / Phantom 3
Series 4K
Freewell Grad Filter Pack 3 Pcs
for DJI Phantom 4 / Phantom 3
Freewell Virtual Reality 3D
Glasses for Smartphones High
Freewell Dome Port Freewell Carbon Fiber
Pistol Trigger Grip
Fantaseal Luxury Waterproof
Dual-layer 13 EVA Anti-Shock
All-In-One Accessories Case
2800 PHP 1850 PHP 1890 PHP 3500 PHP 1500 PHP 1500 PHP 4500 PHP 2290 PHP 1600 PHP


GoPro Essentials

Tripod / Monopod mount Freewell Rechargeable
Li-Polymer Battery for GoPro
The Frame BobberPro Floating
Handlebar / Seatpost
/ Pole Mount
Head Strap Monopod with
Soft Grip
Floaty Sponge Eva GoPro Case Large Suction Cup 9cm Lens Caps Anti-fog Inserts Underwater Color
Correction Filter
40 PHP 500 PHP 250 PHP 150 PHP 220 PHP 320 PHP 350 PHP 200 PHP 550 PHP 250 PHP 250 PHP 200 PHP 100 PHP


Travel Must-Haves

Hyperdry Superthin Microfiber
Suede Towel
Freewell Beam Powerbank 5 Port USB Charger Adaptor
USB Power Socket Station
High Quality
Aukey CC-01 Quad Port USB Car
Charger with AIPower Tech
(48W/9.6A 4 Ports)
Freewell Ruler Cable
399 PHP 850 PHP 650 PHP 700 PHP 300 PHP

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